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Over the last few years, the original acoustic drum set has evolved to meet our different needs.

We have developed the basic freestanding electronic drum set, which is a great alternative that gives you volume control, built in features, excellent sound and feel, and more portability.

But for those who want to take it a step further, there is the digital tabletop drum kit. Instead of the typical free standing drum set, these instruments sit on a tabletop.

They have their own set of benefits which are similar to the standard electronic sets:

  • They’re even more portable
  • Much less expensive
  • Great practicing tool for aspiring new players

I have gone out and researched all the best selling models and have 3 recommendations for you.

As with almost every single type of instrument, there are dozens of choices. It’s my job to do all the research so you don’t have to.

Enter the Yamaha DD65

  • 8 pads
  • AUX input
  • Tempo control
  • Foot pedals
  • 50 sounds kits
  • 100 songs
  • MIDI capabilities
  • Record your songs
  • Stereo speakers

The Yamaha DD 65 is by far the best choice available.

It's slightly more expensive than the other choices, however you do get what you pay for in my opinion.

It comes with everything you need to get started, and you're getting an instrument from a reputable brand. Yamaha has been making digital instruments for years, and they're one of the leaders in the industry.

For those who appreciate quality products, this is definitely the model to go with.

The kit is designed with the drummer in mind. Making the transition from this set to others is very easy based on the overall layout.

Although many beginners seem to get these products, this is certainly the model that professional and more advanced drummers use when they can't access a real drum set for whatever reason.

Here is a great video overview outlining all the features:

Find a sales price on the official product page here.

Enter the PylePro PTED01


  • 7 Drum Pads
  • Touch Sensitivity
  • Over 20 Preset Drum Kits
  • Over 200 Percussion Voices
  • 100 songs

The PylePro PTED01 is another versatile kit. It's slightly less expensive than the Yamaha.

It's the most affordable model out of these recommendations. 

It claims to sound and feel just like a traditional drum set, but at a much smaller size and price tag.

It encompasses all the major benefits of these tabletop kits: It’s portable and has technology features built in.

The company Pyle is well known for creating various types of home entertainment products. They specialize in projectors, TVs, and many more products that use high definition technology.

They specialize in these tabletop sets, but also offer freestanding drum sets and other drumming equipment and accessories.

Here are some of the main features from this particular model:

  • Create your own music - You can create and then record your own music. There are audio controls which allow you to create and customize your own music sounds.
  • Completely Portable - You can literally take this kit anywhere. Whether you’re traveling with a band, or just heading to a friend’s house, you can easily transport this kit.
  • Volume Control - You can turn up the volume to full blast, or attached a headset to not disturb others.
  • MIDI Controller - You can hook this up to your computer for even more features.

Check out all the features on the official product page here.

Enter the Spectrum AIL 602 7

  • 7 pads
  • +200 voices,
  • 20 preset kits
  • Adjustable stand

Lastly, the Spectrum AIL 602 7 is another great option.

This model has everything you need. It's priced in between the other options, and is comparable to them in terms of its features.

I would recommend this if the other two are not available. 

It comes with two foot pedals, an adjustable stand for changing the height, and lots of preloaded sounds and kits.

Many customers and experience drummers have noted how much value you get with this piece of equipment. This is a big deal considering many types of these smaller and less expensive sets can break down quickly, and are basically just used as a toy.

The Spectrum AIL however it built to last, and is appropriate for younger players, but also for more experience players who want an extra practicing tool.

Check out all the features on the official product page here.



  • Beginners love them
  • Great for apartments
  • Excellent practice tools
  • Completely portable
  • Easy set up
  • Volume control
  • Low cost


  • Can’t fully replace acoustic or electronic drum sets
  • Less forgiving in strike placement
  • Some dead spots around exterior
  • Pedals aren’t the best

These are great for beginners and younger individuals.

But even experienced drummers can benefit from how easy these are to set up, travel with, and practice on.

Although they won’t replace the sound quality you get with acoustic or electronic drums, they do have their own benefits.

They’re ideal for those who don’t have a lot of space, and who want to control the volume. These are also recommended for those who want to try the drums, but don’t want to spend a lot of money.

These digital tabletop sets are ideal if you can related to these scenarios.

Quick Recap:

You can find sales prices on both the recommended models and read more customer reviews here:

#1 Recommendation: Yamaha DD65 > View on Amazon Here

#2 Recommendation: PylePro PTED01 > View on Amazon Here

#3 Recommendation: Spectrum AIL 602 7 > View on Amazon Here

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