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Are you looking for a source of over 100 drumming tracks that you can play along to?

Well consider learning more about Drumeo, the online drumming education website.

Here's a video which gives a quick overview of their play along system:

Benefits of Play Along Songs

There comes a point where these songs become so important for improving your skills on the drums, and really on any type of instrument.

If you're a total beginner, you might not be ready to play along to songs yet, but for those that are, it's really one of the best ways to practice.

The problem for most drummers is scheduling time to do this, and do it with other people.

I remember my best friend (who's part of a band), would head over to a co-workers house every Wednesday night to get a jam session in.

This is great, and I'm not bashing jam sessions with others, but what about the other days of the week? You can't get better practicing once a week.

And the band itself, they would struggle getting together every week to practice, because of everyone's personal commitments. If you're a drummer and you're relying on other people's schedules to get practice sessions in, you're doing it wrong.

What's Your Source for Drumming Material?

The reason I ask, is that almost everyone I talk to about play along songs for the drums, doesn't have a good source of songs. They often play the same few songs over and over.

The educational website called Drumeo, has new play along songs which they release every month, as well as a library with hundreds of songs already set up. You can browse the list or set up some filters and find your favourite type of music.

The best part with this system, is that you can actually watch someone play the entire track, then you can download the MP3 version without drums, and even a drum chart to help you learn. It's literally one of the best ways to learn new songs.

The days of running out of songs to jam to are over. Plus with this recommendation, you can get some actual instruction on the songs so you can master them.

For more information, and free access to all 100 songs, consider trying out the Drumeo Edge free trial membership. Click here.

Tyler S
Tyler S

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