Fender electric guitarYou’re probably familiar with the concept of learning music online.

The days of taking electric guitar lessons in person are slowly getting eliminated because of the resources available online.

But the term “online” can refer to tons of different products and websites, and making a decision on a program can get really daunting. There’s honestly a dozen of websites which give guitar lessons, followed by several apps, DVD courses, books and so on.

So where do you find the best lessons for the electric guitar?

Well, I have a few recommendations for you here.

The most important thing to consider:

Choosing between the top lesson providers and teachers often comes down to personal preference. There are a few really good resources, and finding the best one may require you to test them out. Fortunately you can with the free trials that they offer below.

Have You Heard of JamPlay?

Here's a quick video overview:

JamPlay is a guitar learning resource which offers many lessons on the electric guitar.

Here's a screenshot of some of their instructors who offer specific lessons on the electric guitar:

beginner electric guitar lessons

They have a large database of lessons you can watch as well as interact with live lessons.


Consider Guitar Tricks for Beginner Lessons

Another website which offers excellent beginner electric guitar lessons is called Guitar Tricks.

It's actually the largest online video lesson website, and they have a full step by step section for beginners.

It's called their Core Learning System:

core learning system at Guitar Tricks

Because Guitar Tricks and JamPlay are so similar, I have put together this full comparison review and video for you to check out.

Watch the video here:

Guitar Tricks

Price: $19.95 / Month

Refund: 60 Days

Free Trial: Yes – Click Here


Price: $19.95 / Month

Refund: 7 Days

Free Trial: Yes – Click Here

Any Other Resources?

There are lots of other ways to learn the guitar, however I personally recommend trying these resources first.

Trust me, I'm in the process of reviewing and researching all the other websites, apps, DVD courses and so on. I've gotten through a ton of different programs out there, and my recommendations always come back to the websites mentioned above.

They each have free trials for you to test out and see if you like the lessons. If you don't then you can continue your search, however based on all the research that I've done, you're not going to find anything better.

Both of these recommendations are the best for learning online.

Test them out and see which one you like.

Tyler S
Tyler S

I'm Tyler, the webmaster here at VoicesInc.org. My passion is music, and my job is to supply reviews and articles about all the different ways you can learn and produce music online. I hope you find this website helpful.