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If you’re an Eric Clapton fan, you will want to check out this awesome Artist Study provided by Guitar Tricks.

This tutorial breaks down Clapton’s playing style and reveals why it’s so special. It also reveals how to play some great licks in his unique style.


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What More Eric Clapton Song Lessons?

If you want more lessons on Eric's songs, or other famous guitar songs, then you'll want to head over to Guitar Trick's main website.

They have several other song lessons from Clapton:

Eric Clapton guitar lessons

But they also have hundreds of other guitar song lessons in tons of different genres. They have advanced song lessons, and very easy song lessons as well.

If you're not a blues fan, consider some rock or country song lessons.

If you're a beginner and not ready to play songs quite yet, then start with their step-by-step beginner lessons.

Bottom line:

If you're looking for some useful guitar instruction videos, consider learning more about Guitar Tricks >> Click here to visit the official website.


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