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If you’re looking for coupon codes and discounts for Guitar Tricks, I’m assuming that you’ve already made the decision that Guitar Tricks is right for you.

And guess what: That’s a great decision! This is one of the best training programs for learning and improving your guitar skills.

So I don’t want to do a full review here, or compare it to other programs, I just want to highlight the coupon codes and discounts that the program offers.

Best Discounts Without Coupons!

There are two ways that you can always save money with Guitar Tricks.

These are what we would classify as Guitar Tricks coupon codes and discounts:

The first is with their Free Trial, and the second with their Annual Membership. 

Free Trial

Guitar Tricks Free Trial

If you start with a free trial, you can actually test out the website and learning material before buying it.

So you can test it out, even before applying any type of discount.

The great part is, once you are done with the 2 week free trial, you will be offered the best price on the annual subscription.

Click here to get started with your free trial.

Annual Membership

You can save $60 if you opt in for the full annual membership, which is approximately a 3 months' savings.

So although you pay more upfront, over the year you save 34%. Also keep in mind, Guitar Tricks has a full 60 day money back guarantee, so no need to worry about buying a full year in advance and not liking it.

Click here to get started with annual savings.

Are There Any Coupon Codes?

A few times a year, Guitar Tricks offers coupon codes which last a few days or a weekend.

This is often around Christmas time or a weekend in the summer.

But the truth is, these savings are not as good as signing up for a free trial and then the annual subscription.

Sometimes you can save 60% off the first month, but that's not as good as saving a full 3 months with the annual subscription (which includes a full 60 day money back guarantee).

So after being apart of Guitar Tricks for some time, and investigating all the different types of savings, it's best to save 3 months with an annual subscription.

And if you're not sure about this program, just start with the free trial.

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