Singing with a strong voice

Singing with power is something every singer will want to work on developing at some stage.

One thing that I always find difficult is giving advice on when to focus on different areas of your voice. The reason it can be difficult to make recommendations is because everyone is at different stages.

So if you really know that learning about developing your voice to have more power and strength is the best approach for you right now, then the video tip below will be very useful.

However, if you’re not 100% sure you need to focus on power, consider thinking about your singing training up until this point. Have you been learning through a step by step progression, or have you been jumping around from technique to technique?

This is by far the biggest problem with beginners. They really don’t know what areas to focus on. If this is you, then please consider following an online singing course which will help you get on the proper path to improving your voice.

Right now I recommend The Superior Singing Method and Singing Success. You can find more information about them on our main lessons page here, or you can find individual reviews through these links:

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Don't Blow Your Vocal Chords Apart

If you’re not getting enough power from your voice, just pushing or forcing more air is usually not the solution.

More force can actually really blow your chords apart even more, making the situation worse. We actually want more chord closure in order to get a better sound.

Here’s an exercise to get more of a connected sound:

The “BA” sound actually creates that chord closure that you need, and it’s a great singing exercise recommended by various vocal coaches.

I learned about this specific technique from Aaron Anastasi and I have included his full demonstration in this video below:

So much of what I have learned about singing has come from Aaron and his program The Superior Singing Method.

As I mentioned above, and throughout this website, these “one off” lessons are useful if you really need this type of training right now. However many people discover that after they master this technique, they’re once again lost in how to progress.

This is why taking a course like the one Aaron has created saves you so much time and produces way better results than randomly searching for tips and tricks without a clear path and focus.

What I’ve found is that so many people begin seeing improvements after learning more about Aaron’s course, than those who don’t.

Again, you can find my full review of Aaron’s program right here.

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