There will come a time in your singing career, journey, or whatever you want to call it, where you want to increase your vocal range.

You’ve probably thought about how to expand and increase this range at some point, and hopefully you can find some answers here.

One thing to keep in mind is that when you’re trying to improve your range, you can’t force or push too much, because that can be very unhealthy for your voice. So don’t just belt it out, or try and be the next famous opera singer.

To much extra strain on your voice is really unhealthy for singers, and can cause damage. And if you force too much air through your vocal chords, you will just lose the note. So instead of forcing air through your chords, you want the real full sound when expanding your range and hitting high notes.

In order to do that, you’ll need to develop a mix. A mix between head voice and head voice.

This is not the easiest thing to do, nor can you learn it from an article like this. I would recommend you read about some courses on the mixed voice such as Brett Manning’s Mastering Mix.

The idea is to blend your chest voice, and your head voice.

Some Helpful Exercises

Exercise starts at the 3 minute mark.

Where To Get More

If you're not apart of a singing course or program at the moment, I would recommend you learn more about some options here.

The reason I recommend these programs is because these are where you can find all types of step by step exercises to improve your voice with. Sure you can search randomly on Google and YouTube, however you will probably find that you're missing that structure.

In order to find exercises, lessons, and proper guidance, I would suggest getting an online singing course or program. I tend to recommend The Superior Singing Method the most, and you can read my full review here.

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