Mastering Mix Review

Apart from Singing Success’ main product SS 360, they have several other “Mastering” courses.

Here I want to review the Mastering Mix course, which focuses on finding your mix voice. The other courses are Mastering Harmony and Mastering Vibrato.

Finding your mixed voice can be really hard. This sort of goes hand and hand with head voice as well. I’ve put together a page which gives a good overview on head voice here, which has a few videos from Aaron Anastasi. 

What you will find is that trying to learn how to sing in a mix voice from a few articles or videos online is just not going to work. This is an area of singing that really requires coaching for so many up and coming singers, and fortunately for us Brett Manning and the crew at Singing Success have put together a great resource in this Mastering Mix course.

What Do You Get:

  • 12 CDs
  • 1 DVD
  • BOX set or download option

The course is designed to help with your vocal transition. You can order the box set which is a physical product, or you can download the program and start using it right away.

It can be very difficult to transition from chest voice and head voice for example, and most people just can’t do this on their own.

This is what the course is designed to do: help you gain power and control of your voice. 

4 Week Results:

Because this is a very difficult area of singing, results will vary from person to person.

I’m not a grammy award winning singer, and I found it difficult to mix my registers and sing higher. Before this course I really had no idea about this area of singing. I found the course helpful.

So most people will see really good results, but I think it will really vary on your own singing level. For example, beginners will probably find this course a bit difficult, while intermediate singers will probably find great value in this course.

If you’re not a total beginner, then consider this course: Find more information over at the official website here. 

mastering mix box set

If you’re new to singing, I suggest you read about the SS 360 course first. This is a more complete program as opposed to just a one single area of focus like Mastering Mix.

Tyler S
Tyler S

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