Mastering Vibrato Review

You’ve obviously heard of the importance of learning how to sing vibrato, but perhaps you don’t know where to start.

This is definitely one of the more complicated singing techniques that people of all skill levels come across. Mastering it means a total voice enhancement for you, however it’s not always that easy.

This is why Singing Success have actually created a stand alone product which focuses solely on vibrato. It’s a similar set up to their other two specific courses, Mastering Harmony, and Mastering Mix. 

The reason why I like to review these “products”, as opposed to recommending random videos or articles on this subject, is because I’ve always seen major benefits from taking these small courses and lessons, as opposed to researching other free sources and wasting time on trial and error. If the idea of paying to learn is something that you’re not comfortable with, I would imagine you’ll never really improve your voice.

What Comes With This Course:

  • Downloadable version ($57)
  • 3 CD course load
  • Tension release guide
  • Tone quality guide
  • Helps with creating a more natural sound
  • Helps with creating your artistic expression

One of the main benefits with this course is it helps you create your own unique sound.

Everyone has a unique and distinct sound, and the program is designed to help you find your voice, and really make it come to life. Brett describes on the website that your voice is a piece of art, and mastering vibrato adds more color to your paint brush.

I really love this analogy.

Results In The First Few Weeks

This is not a long course. It’s only about 3 CDs in downloadable format.

You probably won’t master this in a few hours, but after studying the material you can really expect to see good results after practicing the teachings over the first few weeks. This is not a total beginner’s course, so I’m assuming you have some experience with singing, and this is why results from this course tend to be pretty quick.

A few really good pieces of advice and techniques found in this course can definitely improve your singing voice. If you’re interested in improving mastering vibrato I highly recommend you try this course. You can find full details on the official website here.

mastering vibrato box set image

If you ARE total beginner, then Singing Success has some better options like the SS 360 program, however some people like to start with this single course to see if they like the teaching style at Singing Success.

If you choose to take any of their courses, I know you will be happy.

Tyler S
Tyler S

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