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A lot of people have asked me if Guitar Tricks is worth the money.

As you might be aware of, I recommend this program here on my site, but I do personally have my own membership as well.

I find it worth the money to keep my membership, as there are new updates all the time.

But I still find it strange that people ask this question so often.

The reason it’s a bit strange, is because you can sign up for a free trial of Guitar Tricks by clicking here, and test it out for yourself. If you like it, then you can upgrade to a full membership. Just try it yourself!

If you feel that it’s not worth it, simply don’t upgrade to a paid membership. The point is, you can make the choice without risking anything as the free trial is a nice overview.

In terms of upgrading to a full membership, you will always save money if you buy a yearly membership, however you will have to pay more upfront.

But if you’re really concerned about the price and whether it’s worth it, just start with the $19.95 per month membership.

You can get full access for the month, then decide if you want to continue.

Again, you can get a pretty good feel for the program from the free trial. Sign up for free here.

Other Things to Consider

What’s the price for in person lessons? It’s hard to get an exact answer on this one, but it’s definitely more expensive than Guitar Tricks. Way more expensive!

For more information on this you can read my full article: What’s the Average Cost of In-Person Guitar Lessons

How much are other similar products? There are many resources for learning the guitar, whether it be other websites, DVD courses, or apps.

In terms of value for money, if you look at what you pay for a year membership of Guitar Tricks, and what you get, it offers way more than some other choices in my opinion.

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