I hate to start off a review of the Guitar Learn and Master program with a negative note.

But I’m just being honest, and it’s the first thing that came to my mind as I reviewed the product, and started considering what your needs and wants are.

Firstly, I recommend online courses and programs like this for learning the guitar for many reasons. They’re extremely affordable when compared to real lessons, and they’re much more convenient (practice when you want).

However, when I reviewed this program, one major question came to my mind: “In terms of value and convenience, how does a DVD course compare to other learning options available today?” (check out comparison review here)

So I’m going to tackle that question at the bottom of this review, but first, let’s take a look at what Gibson, along with Steve Krenz can offer you with this course.

Learn and Master Guitar LogoEnter Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar

When it comes to DVD courses for the guitar, this is the best.

I don’t know any other course available on DVD which has better instruction that this.

So yes, if you put in the work (practice) you will see results from this program. And it’s not just me telling you this, there are tons of positive reviews about this course.

What Comes With The Course

  • 20 DVDs
  • 40 Hours of Instruction
  • 108 Page Work Book
  • 5 Jam Along Audio CDs

What’s in a Lesson?

The lessons are divided into 3 parts.

There are play along sections, video tips sections, and practice sections.

Here are some sample lessons so you can get a feel for what you get.

Here is a list of some of the topics covered:

  • The Basics
  • Reading Music
  • Chords
  • Scales
  • Styles
  • Soloing

Who Should Consider This Course?

This is best for the beginner player.

It covers a lot of the basics and does a very thorough job. You go at your own pace, from lesson to lesson.

If you’re an advanced or intermediate player, I would recommend you look into some other online membership websites instead.

That being said, there are many people who can play the guitar, who will still benefit from all the information here.

There’s a lot of theory and different styles of guitar which is covered that many non beginners might not know about.

If you like the look of the sample lessons above, and you own a DVD player, then you can find this course over at Amazon >> Click Here

Are There Better Options?

I've asked this question before: Are Gibson and Steve Krenz outdated with this program?

I think there are two answers to this question.

Yes in terms of the method of delivery, no in terms of the content. 

Firstly, the content is not outdated. The way the guitar is played hasn't changed. So useful courses created 10 years ago are still useful today, in terms of the content.

But after reviewing many different online guitar lesson resources, I would say that the delivery of this course through DVDs is outdated. This doesn't mean it doesn't work, or that you won't find it useful, however with today's technology, there are other options.

These other options also make you consider the value you're getting in terms of price.

DVDs vs. Online Video Lessons

The other options that I'm referring to here are online membership sites like Guitar Tricks and JamPlay.

These are delivered through an online membership website where you watch the videos online. You login and get access to literally thousands of video lessons. For example, Guitar Tricks has over 600 lessons purely on learning specific songs. In terms of content, these offer much more than you can fit on 20 DVDs.

When you compare the price of the Learn & Master Guitar course on DVD, which sells for $250 (however it's often on sale at Amazon), to a full year membership with Guitar Tricks or JamPlay which is approximately $150, you might start to see how much value you're getting from these membership courses.

They offer a lot more than just lessons as well. So before making a decision (especially if you don't own a DVD player), I would recommend you review some of the top guitar lesson websites that are available.

There's no denying that Learn & Master Guitar is a great course. It has received so many positive reviews.

But I feel I'm hiding something from you if I don't recommend you at least try these other options.

They each have free trials so you can test them out before choosing:

Guitar Tricks

Price: $19.95 / Month

One Year Membership: $143.20

Refund: 60 Days

Free Trial: Yes – Click Here


Price: $19.95 / Month

One Year Membership: $159.95

Refund: 7 Days

Free Trial: Yes – Click Here

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