The easiest way to summarize a Playground Sessions vs. Piano Marvel article would be: New vs. Old

Think of Playground Sessions as the newer and better version of Piano Marvel.

After spending hours and hours researching every piano software and learning program out there, in my opinion, Playground Sessions is definitely the one to go with.

But just to be sure, let’s quickly compare both of these programs.

Piano Marvel

  • Pro: Lessons are broken down very nicely
  • Con: Correct hand positioning is not addressed right away

This has all the benefits of piano lesson software programs.

It’s fun, easy to use, and much less expensive than real lessons.

Playground Sessions

  • Pro: Learning is emphasized through playing rather than theory based
  • Con: Theory based learning is delayed (on purpose)

This does everything Piano Marvel does, and more.

Bottom line it’s just a better program. It’s easy to use, there are more lessons, the scoring system is better, and there are some awesome real video lessons.

Differences Between These Programs

Here are some of the things that Playground Sessions has that Piano Marvel does not:

  • Instrument playback
  • Community forum
  • Real time feedback
  • Social media integration
  • Modern songs
  • Autoplay
  • Session recording

Playground Sessions is also less expensive.

Not only is it cheaper, it will also allow many people to learn how to play their favourite top 40 hits, where Piano Marvel is mainly set up for classical piano music.

Both are recommended, and they’re far cheaper than real in-person lessons, however Playground Sessions does have a slight edge in my opinion. You can read the full Playground Sessions’ review here.

Tyler S
Tyler S

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