Singing Success vs Singorama

If you have been researching a few online courses for singing, you’ve obviously come across Singing Success and Singorama.

So now you want to know which one is better, right?

Well I’ll do my best to explain the differences, and then hopefully you’ll be able to make a decision on which one is better for you. I would recommend that you read over both the official reviews that I link to below.

These courses are definitely worth comparing because they are quite different in terms of how the material is delivered, however I want to make one quick point.

I truly believe that the three main courses that I recommend on this website are all worth the money, and will give you results. These have been around for a long time, and continue to produce happy customers and singers every single day. They all also come with a full money back guarantee so you really have nothing to lose. At the end of the day, your voice will improve no matter what program you get from my recommendations here, if you just put in the effort.

So What are The Main Differences?

  • Price
  • Delivery
  • Features

These are the 3 main differences that I personally found with these two programs.

Firstly, Singing Success is more expensive. They have a range of products that are all a bit more expensive than Singorama.

Singing Success has the option to buy CDs and DVDs, as well as download audio files, subscribe to video lessons, and even get 1 on 1 Skype coaching.

Singorama has a physical product you can order, or download the audio version. They too have a subscription and community membership.

Here is the side by side comparison of the products offered:

Singing Success 360

Mastering Vibrato

Mastering Mix

Mastering Harmony

Video Subscriptions

Real Video Lessons

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Singorama 2.0

Singorama Platinum Inner Circle Membership

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Don’t let this take anything away from Singorama’s course. It is by far the most complete program which offers TONS of information.

If you really like getting all the information you need and more, then consider going with Singorama. It’s the most complete course, and the cheapest.

If you’re looking for more product features and extra add ons, then Singing Success offers a much wider range of various products.

My suggestion at this stage is to really read both reviews from the links above. Quickly read them over and see which course is better based on those more complete reviews.

A Quick Note on Video Lessons

One thing that neither of these courses have in their main program is HD Video Lessons.

If you learn better through video, then you’ll want to consider The Superior Singing Method instead of these two options. You can watch a behind the scenes look at the program on the review page right here.

I personally like the video option, and it’s why I recommend this course before the others.


Tyler S
Tyler S

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