Who’s a better singing coach, Brett Manning, or Aaron Anastasi?

Unfortunately you’re not going to find an answer to this question. If you ask 100 students who have used both coaches to help them sing, I would imagine you will get close to a 50 – 50 split.

So please understand that BOTH programs are really good, and recommended. I think you will enjoy each of them.

For that reason, I suggest you go and read both of my reviews on the courses:

Singing Success Review

Superior Singing Method Review

Do You Want My Personal Opinion?

Whenever you search for a product comparison like "Singing Success vs. Superior Singing Method", you're bound to find a personal opinion. So I'm here to give you that.

But keep in mind, although I have researched and tested many vocal courses, I am still only a sample size of one, and I recommend both of these courses.

I Like The Superior Singing Method Better

OK there I said it, I prefer Aaron Anastasi's course.

For me, I just found it much more convenient to use. At the end of the day, you will get instructions that if you follow, you will succeed with both courses, however I enjoyed using Aaron's course much more.

I suggest you check out my behind the scenes video of The Superior Singing Method courses right here.

I found The Superior Singing Method to be organized so so well, which is extremely important for beginners. Everything is set up in a step by step plan. The membership site is organized so you progress from one lesson to the next, at your own pace.

I also really liked that it was packed with HD videos, as opposed to audio lessons. For me, if you can't get in person lessons, the next best option is video. Now, Singing Success does have video lessons, however their main course is not set up with video. Last time I used it, you had to get a monthly membership for the videos (It could have changed when you're reading this).

Consider The Money Back Guarantee

To be honest, I don't know why people don't take advantage of these guarantees. Maybe people think they're a scam or something. They're certainly not!

If you're looking for a singing course, which you most certainly are, and you've narrowed it down to these options, then try The Superior Singing Method, and if you don't like it, request a refund. You have nothing to lose.

Trust me, once you see the how the course is set up, you will really enjoy it, and you'll start to see results. If you don't like it, simply get a refund. They are really supportive with this.

Again, for more information, please read both of the reviews above.

Tyler S
Tyler S

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