If you’re interested in comparing Ultimate Guitar and Songsterr, you’re most likely looking for guitar tabs. Thank you Mr. Obvious.

As you probably know, guitar tabular is an easy way to read music. It’s presented in “normal” characters, as opposed to traditional music notation.

So for the guitar, you can actually see where your fingers need to be.

Within this learning environment, Ultimate Guitar (UG) and Songsterr are two of the most popular websites and apps for this material.

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Which is Better?

Unfortunately you're not going to find a clear answer to this question.

They're both good, and they each have their own mixed reviews. Some people like UG, while others prefer Songsterr. Some use both.

It really boils down to personal preference.

What I personally noticed is that Songsterr is laid out a bit more clearly, and UG has a few more spammy adds.

If you're looking for the better app, I would lean more towards Songsterr:

Get the Songsterr App here: Songsterr Tabs & Chords - Guitar Tabs LLC

Moving Beyond Guitar Tabs...

If you're really into guitar tabs and are only interested in this type of platform for learning and improving on the guitar, then Songsterr is a great option.

In general, those who are looking for tabs are experienced guitarists who want to play new songs.

But what about some other learning options? Are guitar tabs the best way to learn and improve on the guitar?

There are much more in depth ways to learn the guitar online, and the best way is with online video lessons.

What's great is that the best online guitar lesson websites actually have their own chord libraries.

For more information on the best video lesson websites, I recommend you check out my full review on Guitar Tricks and JamPlay here.

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