After reviewing so many different instruments, particularly digital pianos, it’s pretty safe to say that the Yamaha DGX650B is one of the best rated and priced units on the market.

If you’re looking for a professional digital piano that will last and has all the features you need, this is it. If you’re looking for something in the $100 price range, then look somewhere else.

This is for those who are willing to pay a bit more for a professional unit, but still not break the bank. Considering how many positive reviews it has achieved, it’s definitely worth reading about.

Enter the Yamaha DGX650B:



This is one of Yamaha’s best selling digital pianos.

It’s equipped with a weighted 88 key keyboard that responds to your touch extremely well.

When you play the keys lightly, the sound is soft. This might sound pretty straight forward, however you will not get this from cheaper models. It’s really one of the closest keyboards to an actual grand piano.

This is an important distinction for those who are looking for a quality instrument. As I mentioned, there are other cheaper models, however the performance is drastically different.

There are many other tones that you can play with, such as electric piano, guitar, drums, horns and more.

The built in features will also allow you to play along with built in music such as pop, jazz, rock and others. This allows you to get so much more out of this instrument.

It also comes with all the important ports for hooking up with external equipment. This is great for playing along with learning software such as Playground Sessions.

If I were to sum up this particular piano, it would be like this:

  • Excellent Feel
  • Professional Sound
  • Tons of Features

Yamaha claims that if you were blind folded and sat with this piano and played it, you wouldn’t know that it wasn’t a real acoustic piano.

That’s a pretty big claim, however after analyzing so many customer reviews, it's probably pretty accurate.

Here are some of it’s main features:

  • PureCF Sampled Piano
  • Damper Resonance DSP
  • 88 Weighted Notes
  • USB and AUX Capabilities
  • Style and Smart Chord Features

Find a list of all of its features, specs and demo videos here.

4 Week Results Write Up

After using this instrument for over 4 weeks, many professional musicians and music teachers have given their feedback, and it’s been extremely positive.

Remember these are people who have decades of experience using pianos and other instruments, and a large majority are hugely satisfied with this model.

Many have stated that it’s the closest you will get to a grand piano, without actually buying a grand piano. It’s extremely clear and accurate, and comes with a handy volume control.

Other than the pedals, most professional were impressed with the keys, overall set up, and extra features.

There are literally hundreds of positive reviews for this unit, and I encourage you to read more real testimonials here.


I hate giving a review without at least mentioning some cons about the product, but it's pretty hard with this model. Other than the pedals, people have not complained about much.

It’s a great alternative to a real piano, which many people can’t fit into their homes, or are willing to spend the money on.

The extra features also make it a great alternative as many people like these features over a traditional piano.

Based on hours of research, and skimming through hundreds of customer reviews, it’s safe to say that this line of digital pianos is one of the best.

If you’re in the market for a unit like this, you will not be disappointed.

I highly recommend it.

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