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I have compared Yousician to other guitar apps, guitar video games, and now here with Guitar Tricks, a full membership website.

There is an absolute clear winner in my opinion, however each one has its own benefits.

I’m hoping this Yousician vs. Guitar Tricks comparison will highlight a few of the main differences to help you make the right decision.

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What is the Main Difference?

The main difference between these two guitar learning platforms is that one’s an app (Yousician), and the other is a website membership (Guitar Tricks).

Apps generally have more of a game type of feel.

That’s really one of the biggest differences. Yousician is a fun app, while Guitar Tricks is full membership with hundreds of video lessons.

There are some video demonstrations within Yousician, however the main learning is happening through the app, where you follow a white ball on guitar strings.

With Guitar Tricks, you learn by watching HD video lessons.

So this is really the main difference: App vs. Video Lessons

The Yousician app

Good Things About Yousician

There are definitely some good this about this app.

It's a very fun app, and you use it with a real guitar, instead of a plastic guitar you might use with some video games.

Yousician has a cool feature where the app actually listens to you play, and gives you feedback. You can use it on all computer platforms, and there's a free trial version to let you try it out, before upgrading to the premium package.

The gameplay is watching a white ball (which is synched to the backing track) bounce on the chords. As you play well you advance within the app.

guitar app display of Yousician

There are different game modes and different skills levels, making this app appropriate for beginners and more advanced players.


The songs are constantly updated within the app, and there are some cool added features like a guitar tuner and chord diagrams.

tune your guitar with yousician

Bottom line, it's entertaining, an easy way for beginners to get started with the guitar, and a fun way for experienced players to change up their practice routines.

But you honestly get so much more with Guitar Tricks.

Guitar Tricks LogoGood Things About Guitar Tricks

For a full in-depth review of these types of membership sites, consider the Guitar Tricks vs. JamPlay comparison. (Link opens in new window).This goes into detail about what you get with these programs.

The great thing about this program is that it's the closest thing to having a guitar coach in your home.

Lessons are presented in a linear fashion where you watch online videos. There are a selection of lessons based on songs, guitar genres, and ability.

There is a huge section for beginners, and then full walkthroughs for learning the blues, country, rock and more. All of the most popular songs have video lessons to show you how to play them step by step.

core learning system at Guitar Tricks

Having a real in-person instructor is ideal, however this is not always possible, and Guitar Tricks is really the best alternative. There are so many benefits to these online courses, and two of the major ones are affordability and convenience.

Here's is a video which outlines what you get with the free trial:

Start Your Free Trial Now >> Click Here

Which Should You Use?

Both offer free trials, however in my opinion, you get so much more value with Guitar Tricks.

You really have nothing to lose to just start with a free trial. Keep in mind, the free trials are limited, and with either program you will want to upgrade in order to get the real benefits.

That being said, with the trials you get to use the app and website to see if it is something you like. So you have no risk to try them out.

I would recommend you start with a free trial from Guitar Tricks. Click here for access.

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