Yousician vs. JamPlay

If you’re looking to learn the guitar, or improve your overall playing skills, then both Yousician and JamPlay can help…

But they’re totally different, and in my opinion, one is better than the other.

What’s The Main Difference?

Yousician is an app, while JamPlay is a video lesson website.

Apps are super convenient and can be really fun, but in terms of the amount of content and instruction, it doesn’t come close to a video lesson program like JamPlay.

“Yousician is a fun and convenient app.”

“JamPlay is a huge online video instruction program.”

Comparing The Benefits

In comparing these programs, I like to highlight the benefits of each, and perhaps you will find something which you’re really looking for.


  • Fun and Easy to Use
  • Instant Feedback
  • App (use with app devices)
  • Compatible with Apple and Windows
  • Options for Upgrades
  • Lots of Songs
  • Quality Interactive Graphics
  • Game Like Feel

Yousician offers a convenient and easy way to learn and practice the guitar. This is an app that you use on your iPad, iPhone, Smartphone and computer.

There are a few basic video instructions, but Yousician is basically an app which helps you play by following along with an interactive dashboard.

guitar app display of Yousician

The app can listen to you play to some degree, and give you a score, so there’s that game like feel which people tend to really like. There are updates and with a paid subscription you can use the app and advance along with no interruptions.


Think of the teaching platform as a game. You progress by mastering the app (dashboard) and in turn improve your guitar skills.

Start a Free Trial of Yousician Here


  • Huge Genres of Guitar Lessons
  • Most Amount of Guitar Teachers
  • HD Video Lessons (watch a real person)

If you want to learn the guitar for real, then choose JamPlay.

Basically, JamPlay is a website membership program which hosts video lessons from guitar teachers from all over the world.

They teach guitar lessons for almost every single genre of music, and almost all the most popular songs.

JamPlay genres

The lessons are taught through online video. So you find a teacher you like, find a difficulty or genre, and get instruction through video. You follow along and learn by watching and listening.

This is not an app. It's the closest thing to real lessons, and there are so many options to improve your learning.

Start a Free Trial of JamPlay Here

They Both Have Free Trials

These two programs are clearly very different, but they do have one thing in common: Free Trials.

Both Yousician and JamPlay have free trials which allow you to test them out, before considering buying a subscription. Keep in mind, to progress and get the most out of these courses, you will want to eventually buy subscriptions.

JamPlay homepage screenshot

Free Trial of JamPlay - Click Here


The Yousician app

Free Trial of Yousician - Click Here



What I Recommend

I think it's pretty obvious throughout the tone of this article that I recommend you go with JamPlay. Consider starting with a free trial here.

I found that apps are fun and convenient, but at the end of the day, if you want to really master the guitar and have a huge list of different songs and genres to learn and play from, then online video websites like JamPlay are really the way to go.

You just don't get the personal instruction with Yousician as you do with JamPlay. I personally found the video lessons more useful than the app.

Again, what's great about these programs is that you can literally jump in a test them out with their free trials and decide for yourself.

You have nothing to lose. If you find JamPlay helpful, then continue on. If not, go back and try Yousician.

Tyler S
Tyler S

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