Over the last few years, apps in general have skyrocketed in popularity.

There’s almost an app for everything these days.

But what about music, and specifically learning the guitar? Are these any good, and do they actually work?

Yes and No

The truth is, guitar learning apps do work, and they can be a lot of fun, but there are definitely some better options out there.

I would recommend these two articles that explain my point in more detail:

Yousician vs. Guitar Tricks

Yousician vs. JamPlay

These articles compare the most popular guitar app, with the most popular guitar learning websites.

Does Yousician Work? – This article analyzes the popular app called Yousician.

Other Options and Alternatives

Because this is such a popular topic, I actually created a post called: Alternatives to Music Learning Apps.

When it comes to the guitar specifically, you do have a few more options to consider rather than sticking with an app, and these would be guitar lesson websites.

The two most popular are Guitar Tricks and JamPlay.

Tyler S
Tyler S

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