Yousician is a very popular music app which helps you learn the guitar and piano.

But perhaps you’ve tried it and didn’t like it, or you’re just interested in an alternative. I personally used it and felt that exact same way. I wanted to know what other options were out there.

Fortunately, I’ve found a better alternative to Yousician for both guitar and piano players, and I want to highlight them here. But first, here are the reasons why I don’t only use Yousician.

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I Use Yousician, But Just for Fun.

For me, I find guitar and piano learning apps a fun tool, as opposed to a thorough learning device. For some they're great, but for me, I prefer more of a "real" type of learning software.

Apps are fun, but they still have that "game" aspect. I really enjoy them, don't get me wrong, however I always feel like I'm mastering an app or game, as opposed to really mastering a real instrument.

For that reason alone, I set out to find some better alternatives.

Best Learning Program for the Guitar

After testing out many apps and learning programs, I've always gone back to a program called Guitar Tricks. I recommend you read my full review here. 

The reason I like this program is because it's the closest thing to real guitar lessons. Apps are fun, but real HD videos are where it's at.

The amount of content that Guitar Tricks has in mind blowing. I highly recommend you learn more and try the program for free. 

Best Learning Software for the Piano

If you want to learn the piano, you have to read my short write up on Playground Sessions. 

This is by far the best piano learning tool available right now, in my opinion. Not only does it have that "game" aspect, where you process through stages and earn a score, it also has real video lessons from an actual person.

Overall it's the best of both worlds. Awesome software mixed with real lessons. I highly recommend you learn more about it. Read my full review here.

Tyler S
Tyler S

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