I have reviewed so many music learning programs, and have created quite a few of these comparison articles.

The more I do, the harder they get.

That might sound backwards, but let me explain.

When you know there are programs available which are better than both the programs you’re comparing, it can get frustrating. What’s the point of comparing two programs when I’ll be recommending something completely different?

But I know you’re here to compare Yousician and Piano Marvel, so I’ll do that quickly, then make some better recommendations. Sound fair? I hope so.

The Good and The Bad

piano marvel logoUnfortunately Piano Marvel’s software is slightly outdated.

It works fine, however it’s not up to par when compared to Yousician, or some other alternatives.

For me it sort of feels like you’re playing a video game from the early 90’s. When you review all the great things about Piano Marvel such as a tracking and scoring system, song lessons, and various exercises, then review these same things with a program like Playground Sessions, Piano Marvel is clearly out classed. Playground Sessions is my top recommendation and I’ll discuss it more below. 

So Piano Marvel has some great features, but other programs have the same features, and make them way better. Bottom line, there are better piano software programs available in my opinion. 

What I do like about Piano Marvel is that it has a free trial option. This allows you to use the software and see if you want to upgrade to a paid membership in order to unlock all the content. Keep in mind you need to have a computer, and a MIDI enabled piano keyboard. 

This video from Piano Marvel pretty much explains it all. As you can see, it’s much more tailored to younger children.

What's Different About Yousician

The Yousician appOne of the main differences is that Yousician has even more of a game type of learning atmosphere.

Piano Marvel is slightly more traditional in how they present lessons within their software, where Yousician has their very own game type interface that helps you learn and play the piano (see video below).

The concepts are the same in that there is a scoring system, and you progress through various lessons, however the delivery is different. Yousician has a very video game type of feel.

This video highlights the user interface and you can see it has more of a "cartoon" and game type of presentation. Keep in mind Yousician does have a free trial, and you don't need to own an electronic keyboard. Yousician can listen to you play, and this works with acoustic pianos. Piano Marvel requires an electronic piano.

Much Better Alternatives

I have two alternatives which are much better than Yousician and Piano Marvel.

They are Playground Sessions, and flowkey. You can review them both here.

Playground Sessions is a much more up to date version of Piano Marvel. It's the best piano learning software on the market. You can read my full review here.

flowkey is another top recommendation. If you want a very easy to use platform for learning songs, you should definitely sign up for a free trial of flowkey. You can literally start using flowkey in a few minutes with their free trial. Read my full detailed review here.

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