Yousician vs Rock Prodigy

Yousician and Rock Prodigy are two of the more popular guitar learning apps.

In this comparison review I want to highlight some of their best features, and try and help you make a decision on which platform is the best for learning guitar.

What’s My First Impression

Yousician is the newer app, and after using it for quite some time, I do enjoy it more than Rock Prodigy.

The interface, the features, the marketing, everything just screams high quality.

But that doesn’t mean Rock Prodigy doesn’t work. They both function the same, and it’s really recommended to download both of them and see which one you like best.

They both offer a free download, however to progress your learning, you will probably end up buying some of the “in-app-purchases”.

But everyone is different in terms of their preferences. Instead of reading everyone else’s comparison, I would suggest you try each app and see for yourself which is better.

Here I’ll include a video of each so you can get a bit of a better sense of each app.

You can download Yousician for free here.

You can download Rock Prodigy for free here. 

But Wait! Are Apps Really the Way to Go?

After studying all the different music apps out there, I've realized that they're super convenient, however they aren't for everyone.

They are definitely not my first recommendation for someone who wants to learn the guitar. The reason is that every time I got really into learning from these apps, I found myself memorizing how to "play the game", or use the app, rather than use my guitar.

I want to master the guitar, I don't want to master an app. That's probably my biggest take away from using these programs. The reason I don't recommend these apps is because there are some way better options in my opinion.

Now, I'm not bashing these apps, as some of them are super fun and convenient, and they do help people improve on the guitar, however in my opinion, they don't compare to an actual online learning website like Guitar Tricks.

Guitar Tricks is a online video lesson website which is way more powerful and useful than any guitar app in my opinion. It allows you to actually learn guitar from a real person through video, rather than get a high score on a video game.

Anytime I discuss these guitar apps, I feel I need to let people know that there are other options, which I feel will help you learn guitar much more thoroughly. I recommend you check out my full review of Guitar Tricks here.

Tyler S
Tyler S

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