Are singing lessons worth it

Nearly everyone sings.

Even if it’s in the shower, or in your car, I know you’re doing it.

And whether you think you’re a good singer or not, you’ve probably wondered:

Is there a way to improve my singing voice?

Many people aren’t sure whether singing lessons are actually worth it.

But, what if they were?

What if you could actually improve your singing voice to a point where you felt confident singing in front of others?

I’m about to show you 6 valuable ways that voice lessons can improve your singing, and other aspects of your life!

I’ll also introduce you to some of the best tools to learn effectively, as well as some top secrets to improve your singing voice right now!

Ready to get started?

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Debunking the Myth of Naturally Good Singers

Often, we are our own worst enemy.

Why is that we’re only singing in the shower or in our car?

Probably because most of us lack the confidence to sing in front of people.

Singing carries a sort of stigmatism: that only a few people are genetically capable of being truly good at it.

And that is 100% false.

Just check out these 5 reasons why being “too old to sing” is a myth.

The fact is that pretty much anyone can learn to sing well!

The key is in the attitude.

Your voice is essentially a musical instrument. If we can improve the way we sound when using any other musical instrument, why do we believe that our voice can’t be improved?

Singing lessons are worthwhile because they give you the opportunity to improve your voice through coaching and practice.

Vocal teachers are able to show you tried and tested techniques to get you singing louder and on-key.

It’s a way better approach than heading over to YouTube and trying to figure it out all for yourself.

Still doubting?

Let’s review the 6 ways singing lessons can help your voice:

1. Healing the Tone Deaf

Have you ever described yourself as ‘tone deaf’?

This term has been excessively used by people who simply believe they can’t sing well. Thus, the term has all but lost its meaning.

If you have trouble distinguishing notes, or getting your voice to reach the right pitch, this doesn’t mean you need to give up hope of ever singing well.

In fact, there is still quite a bit of hope for you!

Improving your pitch and tone is one of the basics of singing lessons.

Your vocal teacher can help you find different notes and hold on to them. You’ll also learn more about musical scales, and how to hone in on the correct notes when singing.

I’ll say this point again because it’s important: your voice is just like any other musical instrument.

When you have a guide to help you practice, you can absolutely improve!

2. Optimizing Lung Usage

beyonce performingHow loud can you sing?

Obviously, singing loudly isn’t everything.

However, vocal lessons can teach you exactly how to use your lungs in the best way to get the most sound from every breath.

I’ve always loved to sing.

However, I often ran out of breath while singing, and found myself skipping parts of the song while gasping for air.

My vocal teaching showed me how to control my breathing and keep it in time with the music. This saved me from turning blue in the face while trying to get out any extra-long notes. It also helped me to have more power in the moments that I needed it most.

By the way: Beyonce has taken vocal training ever since we’ve known her. She can hold notes for a crazily long 14 seconds!

3. Finding the Limits of Your Vocal Range and Blowing Past Them

Each of us has a vocal range that we’re comfortable with.

While taking singing lessons, you’ll find out exactly what that range is, as well as what songs fit best into your comfortable range.

Vocal Range Lesson at Masterclass

However, a person’s vocal range is never set in stone.

When I started taking vocal lessons, I was fascinated by the world of opera. However, my range was nowhere near what I needed to sing operatic music.

With time, though, my vocal teacher showed me how to expand my vocal range. After just a few months, I had actually increased my range by almost three octaves!

Singing lessons give you the chance to test your abilities, bringing your voice far beyond any perceived limits.

Christina Aguilera’s MASTERCLASS has a lesson on range:

vocal range finder

She shares her secrets on hitting high notes, then there is a Range Finder built into the lesson which allows you to track your progress. Read the full review here. 

4. Tricks for Maintaining Your Voice

Singing is great fun, but all singers need to be careful not to damage their voices. In this regard, voice lessons can be extremely helpful.

We’re all familiar with that awful noise when we lose our voice in the middle of a song. This happens because of vocal nodules, which are actually thickenings or callouses that form on the vocal chords due to overuse or strain.

Singing teachers know all about the mechanics of our voices. They know all of the best techniques to avoid vocal fatigue, as well as the dreaded vocal nodules.

5. Going in-Depth in Music Learning

Music is more than just hearing and repeating sounds.

The nuances behind the music give it more life and colour. Being able to learn about scales, chords, different types of notes, and timing will make you a more well-rounded musician in general.

This deeper study of music theory can be guided by your voice teacher, and helps you to complete your singing voice. It also helps you to look beyond the main melody of a song and find the subtle background notes.

This gives you the ability to sing harmonies, which is something many singers strive for!

6. Building Confidence

It’s time to sing in more places than just the shower.

Man singing with confidence

Singing lessons give students the opportunity to build their confidence.

Imagine standing in a room full of people and singing out your best and loudest. For many, that’s the theme of their worst nightmares.

However, vocal lessons can change that fear, and give you the extra push you need to build your confidence.

And this applies in more than just the scope of singing!

In almost every workplace, you’ll probably find a situation where you must stand in front of people and speak.

You might not be singing, but confidence built up from singing lessons can actually help you in this work setting, and in other places too!

Improve Your Voice With the Right Singing Lessons

If you’re serious about improving your singing voice, taking singing lessons is a valuable option for you.

However, not all singing lessons are made equal.

How can you be sure that you’re getting what you need to improve your vocal abilities?

The Superior Singing MethodWhether you’re starting from the very beginning or you already have some knowledge of music and singing, online voice lessons are your ticket to success.

You can adapt the lessons to your schedule and abilities, and ultimately take advantage of some fantastic programs.

Check out our favourite online singing lessons here!

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Here’s hoping you’ll soon be ready to stop singing only in the shower.

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Amy Copadis
Amy Copadis

Amy Copadis is a freelance blogger whose love of music started at age 8 when she started taking piano and voice lessons. She has been playing the guitar for over 10 years, and most recently started to learn the ukulele!