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Looking for the perfect present for a guitarist can be tough, especially if you don’t play the guitar yourself.

Music stores are packed with all kinds of accessories and guitar equipment, and it can be hard to pick out something that’s both useful and gift-worthy.

Luckily, with a bit of research and knowledge, finding the right gift can be easy.

And I’ve decided to make it even easier for you by putting together this handpicked list of the best gifts for guitarists.

I’ve included equipment from a variety of price points, including smaller gifts that’ll make the ideal Christmas stocking stuffers, as well as more expensive equipment.

If you’re looking for a perfect gift for that special guitarist in your life, consider one of the following options.

A Guide to Picking the Right Gift:

Before I start reviewing individual pieces of equipment, here are some pointers to help you pick the right gift from this list.

Know The Guitarist:

First of all, try to learn a bit more about the player you’re buying a gift for.

This includes their playing level, what style of music they enjoy, and what kind of guitar they use (electric or acoustic).

This should help you filter out at least some of the gifts on this list and pick something that’s really useful for the player.

After all, there’s no point buying an amplifier for someone playing an acoustic classical guitar.

Know Your Budget:

Guitar products can vary greatly in price.

Hence, make sure you have an idea of how much money you’re willing to spend.

In this article, I’ve put together gift ideas from 4 different price points.

However, keep in mind that the more exciting gifts on this list will fetch a higher price than some of the the more basic equipment.

Small Gifts and Stocking Stuffers:

With Christmas always around the corner, I wanted to kick off this list with a collection of smaller gifts that make for ideal Xmas stocking stuffers.

Bunch a few of these gifts together and you’ve got yourself a great Christmas bundle for any guitarist.

Dunlop Pick Holder


Guitarists lose picks all the time, usually because they don’t have one set place for storing them.

That’s exactly why this pick holder makes for such a great gift.

Holding roughly 5-10 picks, this pick holder makes for a simple way to hold and transport a selection of different picks wherever you go.

It’s made from sturdy plastic and features a spring-loaded system that makes it easy to grab a new pick whenever you need it.

Plus, the Dunlop pick holder features an adhesive back, allowing you to easily attach it to your guitar, amp, or any other secure surface.

This is a versatile gift that any player will be happy to receive as a random small gift or inside their Xmas stocking.

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Fender Premium Picks Sampler Pack

This selection of Fender picks is a great gift to combine with the Dunlop pickholder I mentioned above.

Fender are renowned for making high-quality, reliable guitar products, and these picks are no different.

Made from high-quality celluloid, these picks help players get a solid, warm tone from their guitar every time.

This sample pack combines light, medium, and heavy gauges for all kinds of players, and is available in a cool assortment of colours.

Fender picks are the “go to” pick for countless professional players and make a great gift for guitarists of all playing levels/styles.

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Find more popular guitar picks here.

Snark Electric Headstock Tuner

Playing in tune is vital to getting a great sound from your guitar.

And while many guitars and amps come with built in tuners, most guitarists like to have a reliable headstock tuner on hand regardless.

This Snark tuner is extremely versatile and accurate, making it easy to get a great sound on your guitar every time.

It’s frequency range is specifically tailored for guitar and bass but can also be used to tune violins, ukuleles, cellos, and a variety of other instruments.

This is another great stocking stuffer that any guitarist will love to receive any time of the year.

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Guitar Strings


There’s nothing like the feeling of new strings under your fingers.

Guitar strings accumulate a lot of dirt and grit over time.

Hence, guitarists are encouraged to regular change their strings to keep getting a clear, crisp, and warm sound from their instrument.

While there’s hundreds of different strings out there, below are 3 great options for steel, classic, and electric players.

Fender Super 250's Nickel-Plated Steel Strings (3-Pack): Fender’s Nickel-plated Super 250’s are a premium choice for steel string players of all levels. These strings produce a reliable, dynamic sound that’s perfect for a variety of genres, including rock, folk, pop, and more. Order them on Amazon here.

D’Addario Regular Light Electric Guitar Strings (3-Pack): Another trusted brand of guitar strings, D’Addario has preserved a rich tradition of string-making originating from Italy. These regular light strings are nickel plated and corrosion resistant, ensuring a beautiful bright tone. Order theme here.

Martin M120 Classical Guitar Strings (3-Pack): Like Fender and D’Addario, Martin is another classic guitar and string manufacturer. These classical silver plated copper and nylon strings get a beautiful warm, rich tone out of any classical guitar. They also feature a strict tolerance which produces a smooth feel and great response.

Find more information on guitar strings here.

Kava Aluminum Alloy Capo


A capo is another must-have accessory for any guitar player, allowing them to quickly and easily change the pitch of a song.

While there are plenty of cheap capos on the market, any guitarist will appreciate this beautiful, sleek alloy capo by Kava.

These capos are durable, versatile, and reliable, making it easy to change the pitch of any song without disturbing the tuning of your guitar.

This capo makes for another great stocking filler for guitarists of all playing levels/styles.

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Find more options for guitar capos here.

6 Great Gifts for Any Guitarist

While the small gifts and stocking stuffers we mentioned above are great, sometimes you’ll want to step up your gift giving game a little.

Below is a selection of bigger standalone gifts for guitarists at 3 different price points.

Regardless of what you choose, you can rest assured that these items will make a great gift for any guitarist in your life.

Best Gifts for $50 and Under

guitar gifts for 50 dollars

iRig 2 Multimedia Interface


The iRig is a best-selling recording interface specially designed to be used with Apple products like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Mac laptops.

It serves as the easiest tool for connecting your guitar, bass, or amplifier to your electronic device for recording. Featuring a ¼” input and output, it allows users to easily connect their instruments via a line, as well as an external amplifier.

Plus, the iRig 2 now comes with a free download of AmpliTube for IOS and Samsung. It can also be used with a variety of other professional recording apps, including Garageband, ProTools, Logic, and many more.

This is a great gift for any guitarist looking to experiment with home recording without having to spend a lot of money on recording equipment.

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ChromeCast Pro Padded Gig Bag


Whether they play a vintage Gibson or a simple beginner Squire, guitarists cherish their guitars.

Hence, they’ll always want to make sure their guitar is safe and protected, especially when taking it on the road.

While hard cases obviously provide the best protection, they are usually heavy and uncomfortable to transport.

A gig bag, on the other hand, can provide plenty of protection and makes transporting a guitar a lot easier, be it to band practice, gigs, or even lessons.

The ChromeCast Pro Padded Gig Bag is a great professional soft case that offers protection at an affordable price without sacrificing quality.

If features 20mm thick padding, rubber bottom bumpers, and a neck cushion to provide ultimate protection while still remaining versatile and easy to carry.

The bag also has two adjustable reinforced back straps making it easy and safe to transport the guitar on your back, as well as 2 durable hand straps for carrying your guitar by hand.

The ChromeCast Pro also has pockets to carry accessories like tuners, leads, picks, books, and much more.

This is a great gift for any guitarist wanting to take their guitar on the road safely and comfortably.

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Best Gifts for $100 and Under

guitar gifts for under 100 dollars

Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Wah Pedal

The Cry Baby Wah Pedal is an essential effects pedal for any guitarist looking to expand their sound.

Made famous by guitar legends like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and David Gilmour, any guitarist will be proud to add this pedal to their arsenal.

Wah pedals make an appearance on a variety of genres, including funk, rock, and hard rock, as well as more psychedelic/progressive styles.

While there’s a variety of Wah pedals available on the market, this Jim Dunlop is arguably the most popular.

It features a high-quality, durable design, and produces a rich sound at a very accessible price.

While there’s a bit of a learning curve to using this pedal, it definitely pays off by providing guitarists with a wide spectrum of sounds to experiment with.

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Yamaha Guitalele

The Guitalele is a unique hybrid between a baritone ukulele and a 6-string guitar.

Many guitarists looking for a portable instrument opt for ukuleles but often feel restricted by only having 4 strings.

Plus, because ukes feature different tunings and chord positions, they usually take some time and practice to get used to.

With Yamaha’s Guitalele, players get to enjoy the portability of a uke while still getting a full 6 strings.

Best of all, despite their size, these instruments produce a great sound.

Thanks to a solid wood top and great construction, this instrument produces a clear, warm sound and a lot of sustain, which is usually lacking in travel-sized guitars/instruments.

Thanks to its size and versatility, the Guitalele is a great gift for travelling musicians or guitarists on the go who struggle to find the time/space to play their regular instrument.

And, at just $100, this is great mid-price gift that’ll earn you a solid reputation as a great gift-giver.

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Best Gifts for Guitar Players: $100+

guitar gifts for over 100 dollars

Zither Solid Wood Guitar Stand

Guitarists love a chance to show off their prized possessions.

And while regular metal guitar stands do the job just fine, they don’t really compare to this beautiful wooden mahogany stand.

Only holding one instrument, this is the perfect stand for a guitarist looking to show off a particularly precious guitar without worrying about it scratching or tipping.

These solid-wood stands (available in Cherry and Mahogany) are handcrafted by the team at Zither and made in the US.

Unlike some of the cheap, flimsy aluminum stands you find in music stores, these stands serve as a stable, solid solution for storing any kind of acoustic or electric guitar.

They come complete with a USA-made String Swing cradle that has been specially designed to preserve even the most delicate nitro finishes.

Each stand also comes with a collection of wood oils and instructions to help users preserve the natural wood of their stand with time.

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Yamaha THR5 Guitar Amp Bundle

Yamaha are renowned for producing great quality musical equipment at accessible prices.

The THR5 is a unique multi-use guitar amplifier that produces a great sound and comes complete with a variety of awesome features.

First up, it produces a clear, natural, and warm sound that’s hard to believe given the amp’s size and price tag.

Secondly, it comes with a bunch of effects and settings, allowing you to experiment with everything from gain to chorus and flanger effects to find just the sound you’re looking for.

The THR5 also serves as a recording interface, making it easy to record studio-quality guitar tracks through a single piece of equipment that easily connects to your home computer/laptop.

This is the perfect gift for any guitarist. Whether they’re looking to record and produce their own music or simply need a great sounding amp that's easy to lug around, the THR5 is the perfect solution.

Plus, it comes in a cool bundle that also includes headphones, a line cable, and a a copy of Cubase recording software.

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Final Thoughts on Buying The Perfect Gift for Guitarists

Buying a gift for a guitar player doesn’t have to be hard, even if you don’t know the first thing about guitars.

The most important things to keep in mind when picking out a gift on this list is the preferences of the player you’re buying for as well your budget.

Any item on this list will make for a great gift, be it the inexpensive stocking stuffers listed at the beginning or the more expensive gifts towards the end.

If you’re really looking to wow the special guitarist in your life, however, my top pick is the Yamaha THR5 guitar amp. This is a great addition to any guitarists arsenal of equipment and will prove them useful for years to come.

If that’s slightly out of your price point, I’d recommend the Yamaha Guitalele for its versatility and quality.

Nonetheless, all the gifts on this list are great, either on their own or in a bundle. Whichever you choose, you can rest assured you’ll make the special guitarist in your life very happy.

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