I recently compared Jamorama with Guitar Tricks, and it almost feels as if I could copy that article and replace “Guitar Tricks” with “JamPlay”, and it would work for this article.

The reason is that Guitar Tricks and JamPlay are two of the best online guitar lesson websites, and it’s hard to recommend any other programs.

To be honest, Jamorama can’t really compete with either of these.

If you’re new to these programs, and want to save time, I suggest you jump right over and watch my JamPlay and GuitarTricks comparison here.

But if you’re dead set on comparing Jamorama and JamPlay, then I’ll cover some key points below.

If You Want Access to a Guitar Community Online, Join JamPlay

The reason I start with this statement is because on Jamorama’s homepage they sort of push the whole “get social” aspect of learning the guitar. Unfortunately they don’t really execute that well.

On the other hand, JamPlay is in my opinion the leader when it comes to learning the guitar in a community atmosphere. They have tons of live lessons and a thriving community of other guitar players.

Here are some screenshots of my dashboard in JamPlay. Fore more detailed information, you can watch my full video review of JamPlay here. 

JamPlay's Dashboard

Live Lesson Section


Weekly live lessons


JamPlay's blog section

As of writing this, Jamorama doesn't really offer too much in the social learning side of things. They have a small forum, but that's about it.

Content Size, Quality, and Updates

JamPlay and Jamorama are membership websites. What this means is that you pay a monthly, or yearly fee, and you get access to all their online video lessons and various other features.

For most people, getting through all the material in JamPlay would take a ton of time. There are thousands of hours of video lessons. Check out these screenshots of just the beginner section. Notice how many different instructors there are:

JamPlay beginner lessons

JamPlay lessons with David Isaacs

Jamorama only offers 10 courses which many people can progress through in a few weeks or months.

Where JamPlay blows Jamorama out of the water is with their constant lesson updates. They offer weekly live lessons, and everything is archived in case you miss it. It doesn't look like the Jamorama lessons get updated that often.

So in terms of a membership structure, you're getting so much more value from JamPlay.

Real Consumer Reviews

Although I clearly recommend JamPlay over Jamorama, you don't need to only listen to me.

Check out what some other reviewers are saying on popular review platforms like Trust Pilot:

Jamorama customer reviews on Trust Pilot

Jamplay reviews on Trust Pilot

It's clear that JamPlay is better.

It's not that Jamorama is bad or anything, it's just so hard for them to compete with JamPlay and other monster resources like Guitar Tricks.

Other than price, they can't compete with how they have things set up at the moment.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

What I suggest, is that you actually try these programs out to see what you think of them.

I've given some general points about how Jamorama just can't compete with JamPlay, but why don't you try them both out for yourself.

What's great, is that they both offer free trials. This allows you to get started with the programs for free. If you like them and can see yourself benefiting, you can upgrade to full access.

Give them both a test drive, and compare what I've stated here with your own experience.

You can sign up for JamPlay's free trial by clicking here.

You can sign up for Jamorama's free trial by clicking here.

Lastly, as I mentioned above, I strongly recommend you watch my full comparison of JamPlay and Guitar Tricks here.

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