I have done many different comparisons of both Yousician and Playground Sessions with many other piano resources.

So many people want to learn the piano, and have narrowed down their choices to these two programs.

What I’d like to do is highlight some of the differences, give you my personal recommendation, and supply some more specific information.

What I’m going to assume is that you understand the value and convenience of learning the piano with these types of programs.

When you take into account price, and what you get, then compare that to actual in-person piano lessons, Yousician and Playground Sessions definitely come out on top in my opinion.

There are always advantages to real in-person lessons, but you really get so much value with these online programs and apps.

But you’re here to find out which one is better, so let’s get to it.

Why I Recommend Playground Sessions

playground sessions logoSo that didn’t take long.

Yes I recommend Playground Sessions, and here’s why.

It does everything Yousician does, plus more, and it costs the same (depending on your payment type it can be less).

Yousician’s best features are that it’s an app which gives you instant feedback, along with a scoring and progression system built it.

Playground Sessions has this as well.

Below are the quick overview videos from both Yousician and Playground Sessions, and it’s clear which one offers more value.

But I have also included my own personal video overview which answers a lot of questions about Playground Sessions below.

Visit: PlaygroundSessions.com >> Click Here

When Yousician is the Better Choice

The only time I would personally choose Yousician is when I didn't have a digital piano, and I didn't want to download anything.

You do NOT need a digital piano with Playground Sessions, however to make use of all the features you do. You can still use all the lesson sections with a traditional piano, just not the interactive dashboard.

Yousician can actually listen to you play and supply feedback, as opposed to Playground Sessions which requires you to be hooked up with your digital piano to get feedback.

Yousician does have a free trial, however I still find you get more from Playground Sessions. Keep in mind, if you want to use the Yousician app with no interruptions, you will need to upgrade to a paid version.

Questions About Playground Sessions

Because this program has a lot of features, there tends to be quite a few questions.

This is why I have created a full video breakdown covering all the important topics.

You can watch it here, or visit the official Playground Sessions review page here. 

Visit The Official Website

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