electric vs acoustic guitars

Should you start learning on an electric or acoustic guitar?

Don’t worry, this is a very common question.

Good news:

I’ve got a really straight forward answer for you: It does not matter.

It’s less about what kind of guitar, and more about what kind of instruction.

For learning, and even for beginners, an electric guitar and acoustic guitar are basically the same. They both have a body, neck, and 6 strings.

But if you really want a suggestion, and you’re about to choose which guitar to buy, then just go with an acoustic guitar. You can get a great acoustic guitar for beginners which is super affordable and easy to play. 

But honestly at the end of the day, it won’t matter much.

I’m sure if you really did your research, you will probably find a bunch of forums which recommend electric, and then the same amount who recommend acoustics.

A much more important question is: how are you learning the guitar?

So I’m sorry I didn’t answer this question, I just hate to produce fake content just to impress people.

I could have created a huge article comparing the differences, but I honestly don’t think it will help you.

People who can play guitar can use both types. It’s more about actually learning, rather than worrying about which model to use.

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